Provincial Government


The government of the St. Clemens Province consists of five persons.

Besides the Provincial Fr. Johannes Römelt the members of the provincial council are: Fr. Jan Hafmans (The Netherlands, Vicar), Fr. Ludger Wolfert (Germany), Fr. Jürgen Langer (Germany) and Fr. Winfried Pauly (Germany). This council has been elected in January 2015 for a period of four years  (a quadrienium).



Left to right: Fr. Ludger Wolfert, Fr. Winfried Pauly, Fr. Jan Hafmans (Vicar), Fr. Jürgen Langer, Fr. Johannes Römelt (Provincial), Mr. Eric Corsius (Assistent to the Provincial Council)


The provincial council has a supporting staff.

Mr. Eric Corsius is the assistent of the provincial council, Mr. Jelle Wind is Province Secretary and Mr. Walter Van Wouwe is staffmember for some projects.

Fr. Aloys Daniel, the Provincial Economist, is responsable for the financial management of the Province. He is supported by Mr. Markus Dreiner (Bonn, Germany) and Mr. Jan Reinen (Roosendaal, The Netherlands).