New Provincial Council


On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the 5th Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Clement has elected the Provincial and Provincial Council for the 2019-2022 Quadrennium in Neuastadt an der Weinstrße (Germany) .
In the first ballot, Fr. Jan Hafmans was elected provincial superior with a two-thirds majority.
This was followed by the elections for the provincial council.
Ordinary councilors were Father Winfried Pauly and Father Ludger Wolfert. The Chapter chose Father Winfried Pauly as Vicar of the Provincial.
As extraordinary councilors, Father Jürgen Langer and Father Aloys Daniel were elected.

All elected persons  accepted their office.
The General Government has confirmed the election of the provincial and vicar.



Left to right: Fr. Winfried Pauly (Vikar), Fr. Aloys Daniel, Fr. Jan Hafmans (Provinzial), Fr. Ludger Wolfert, FR. Jürgen Langer

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