Lay people and Redemptorists


This year it is the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Council. It is one of the big accomplishments of this council that within the Catholic Church an adequate role was assigned to believing laymen. The orders have accepted the participation of laymen in the annunciation mission of the church as an important development of religious life, too. Hence, the Redemptorists pursuit an active policy, to incorporate laymen in their life and opus: as partners and associates of their spirituality, as coinheritors of the charisma of St. Alfons of Liguori and St. Clemens M. Hofbauer. In each part of the world this cooperation is shaped differently according to the needs of location and time.


In the Province St. Clemens lay people may relate to the Redemptorists i.e. in the form of an association.


Furthermore, there are groups of lay people active which feel related to the work and charisma of the order. They are mostly found in those locations, where Redemptorists are present and active or were in the past.  These lay groups together form a network of their own.