Who we are


The fire set off in the year 1732: A group of men and women around Alfons M. of Liguori (1696-1787) was deeply hit by the fate of the poor people in Neapel area. They united and started a community which today is known to us as the Redemptorists. The intention of this community always was and today still is: to bring the Gospel of the loving Lord to the most outlying parts of the world as well as to the edges of each society; to tell the poor the Gospel of the redemption.


Since almost three centuries this community is alive and today men and women join it in all continents of the world. At first these are the bretheren and fathers of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer (C.Ss.R) and the nuns of the order (O.Ss.R). Over time additional religious institutions joined the community as i.e. the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Redeemer (M.Ss.R).


Lately and in the spirit of Alfons of Liguori more and more believing lay people  as single persons or entire groups got involved in the movement of the Redeemer.


Since 2005 the Redemptorists in the Netherlands, in Flanders, in Switzerland and in the northern part of Germany form an administrative unit: the Province St. Clemens, which includes about 20 houses and pastoral places with approximately 250 Redemptorists. In some places the pastoral presence and the corresponding religious activities are a joined effort of order members and dedicated lay people.


With his website the Redemptorists of the Province St. Clemens want to present themselves and their activities.